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“World book Day 2023 was amazing!”.  On Thursday the 2nd of March St Bernard’s high school celebrated their second World book day. At St Bernard’s reading and storytelling are very important as we even set days to read during form time and during english lessons. The whole school- staff and students- participated in World book day by dressing up as their favourite book characters. This gave both students and staff the opportunity to be creative and express their love for reading through dress up. The atmosphere at St Bernard’s was inspiring as many children partook in World book day activities such as guessing the teachers costume. As part of our ethos we at St Bernard’s believe in giving back to society hence why we are donating to the charity Read for Good.  
Read for Good is a charity that provides stories for children in hospitals who are unable to have regular access to new books. At St Bernard’s we are supporting Read for Good through a sponsored read, where the money raised will go to Read for Good. We really encourage everyone to participate in the sponsored read as it would allow everyone to immerse in imagination and give to those in need. 

Written by Divine Erhunmwunsee