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  • Timetable from 5 July to 16 July 2021



    AM Lesson

    PM Lesson


    Monday 5 July

    Monday Week B Lesson 1

    Monday Week B Lesson 4

    Tuesday 6 July

    Tuesday Week B Lesson 1

    Tuesday Week B Lesson 4

    Wednesday 7 July

    Wednesday Week B Lesson 1

    Wednesday Week B Lesson 4

    Thursday 8 July

    Thursday Week B Lesson 1

    Thursday Week B Lesson 4

    Friday 9 July

    Friday Week B Lesson 1

    Friday Week B Lesson 4


    Monday 12 July

    Monday Week A Lesson 1

    Monday Week A Lesson 4

    Tuesday 13 July

    Tuesday Week A Lesson 1

    Tuesday Week A Lesson 4

    Wednesday 14 July

    Wednesday Week A Lesson 1

    Wednesday Week A Lesson 4

    Thursday 15 July  

    Thursday Week A Lesson 1

    Thursday Week A Lesson 4

    Friday 16 July

    Friday Week A Lesson 1

    Friday Week A Lesson 4


    "St Bernard's has a great sixth form. The staff are really helpful, providing the students with information about various opportunities that can help us throughout our years here. The staff and the students are welcoming and make the transition to year 12 really easy. I couldn't imagine being at any other sixth form".

    — Year 12 Student