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    The Careers Department at St Bernard’s provides a careers education and guidance programme for all our students designed to prepare them for their continued participation in learning and their progress into adult life and work. Careers Education is delivered in years 7 to 13 and is a statutory requirement for years 8 to 13.

    The careers programme has two components

    • Education
    • Guidance

    The material on this page is reviewed annually, in the September of each academic year.


    Effective CEIAG enables students to make the right choices about their future.  Student destination information is collected every year at the end of GCSE and A level courses.  Career choices, sixth form and college placements and apprenticeships secured are annually analysed to inform the planning of the careers programme.


    Careers Education helps our students develop the knowledge and skills that they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work.


    Careers Guidance helps our students to use the knowledge and skills they develop to make the decisions about learning and work that are right for them.

    We aim to enable our students to

    • Develop their self- knowledge
    • Identify and build on their skills and other capabilities
    • Appreciate the value of and participation in continued learning, including higher education
    • Enhance their career exploration and management skills

     Following our programme our students should be able to

    • Understand themselves and the influences on them
    • Investigate opportunities in learning and work 
    • Make and adjust plans to manage change and transition 



    Students benefit from starting to develop the foundations of career skills, attitudes and knowledge early on and throughout your daughter’s time at St Bernard’s she will receive a comprehensive programme of careers education, advice and guidance. This will be delivered through PSHE lessons, individual careers guidance interviews and employer engagement [annual Careers Fair: employer visits and work experience].  

    YEARS 7 AND 8

    In Year 7 we look at The World of Work and in Year 8 Skills for the Future.

    In Years 7 and 8 there is no expectation that students will make decisions about their futures or seriously plan how to enter a specific career area or job.  However, our students benefit from starting to develop the foundations of career skills, attitudes, and knowledge early on and it helps prepare them for Years 9-13.


    YEAR 9

    In Year 9 in addition to building on the work done in years 7 and 8 students are encouraged to explore career choices, prepare for future careers and make appropriate GCSE subject choicesThese subject choices are important as they can open or close certain pathways to future careers.

    Choosing GCSE subjects will be one the first big decisions that our students will have to make and will probably be the first time that they have had to think about life after school.  For the past three years they will have been studying a compulsory curriculum. As they move into year 10 they are faced with the opportunity to choose certain subjects to study further, some old favourites and some completely new!

    To help them with this Year 9 students have access to

    • Careers Information
    • Careers Guidance Interviews 
    • Curriculum Information Evening
    • Careers Fair

    Careers Guidance Interview

    All students in year 9 have the opportunity to have a Careers Guidance interview with Mrs Davies BA [Joint Hons], Diploma in Careers Guidance, the schools Careers Guidance Adviser

    YEAR 10

    Continuing to build upon the work of years 7, 8, and 9 students in year 10 Explore Careers and undergo a programme in preparation for Work Experience which is experienced at the end of Year 10.

    Work Experience Preparation

    • Local Labour Market Information
    • Sourcing and approaching employers
    • CV writing
    • Mock employment Interviews
    • Health and Safety in the Workplace

    Year 10 have access to

    • Careers Guidance Interview with Mrs Davies
    • Careers Talks
    • Careers Fair

    YEAR 11

    It is an exciting and busy time for our students and after eleven years of ‘compulsory education’ they now have the freedom to choose their next step. Our aim at St Bernard’s is to enable our students to make informed choices about their post 16 options. All our students are given the opportunity to participate in the following

    • ‘Year 12 Open Evening’. This information gathering evening in November gives our students the opportunity to talk to staff and students and to discover the content and structure of the courses on offer in our sixth form.
    • Post 16 Options
    • Careers Guidance Interview All students in Year 11 are offered an interview with Mrs Davies. This gives our students the opportunity to receive professional advice and to discover what options are available, what they need to think about and the actions they need to take. Parents are always welcome to attend.
    • Mock interviews in preparation for sixth form, college and employment
    • Careers Fair

    Topics covered can include

    • Sixth form study- courses available at St Bernard’s
    • Further Education
    • Higher Education
    • Interview preparation

    YEARS 12 AND 13

    A programme of Careers Education and Guidance is provided for our sixth form students. Topics covered include:

    • Choosing your Higher Education- all Year 12 students attend a Higher Education Super Fair in June
    • Making Higher Education Applications
    • Preparing your Personal Statement
    • Finance- Student Loans: Scholarships and Bursaries.
    • Taking a Gap Year
    • Employment at 18
    • Apprenticeships
    • Beyond 18 Day
    • University Visits
    • Summer Schools: Taster Days: Internships
    • Work Experience
    • Careers Fair
    • Careers Fair
    • All students have the opportunity to have a Careers Guidance Interview with Mrs Davies



    St Bernard’s High School employs a professionally trained Careers Guidance Adviser. Mrs Davies is in school five days a week and students can access her expertise at anytime. Parents are welcome to attend careers guidance interviews.


    St Bernard’s High School subscribe to the following careers websites

    • Higher Ideas
    • UCAS

    VLE - Careers Information is available on the VLE.

    If you would like further information please contact:  Mrs H Davies, Careers Co-ordinator, St. Bernard’s High School, 01702 343583


    Work Experience presents an invaluable opportunity for the student to spend 1- 2 weeks in a work environment and this opportunity is given to every student towards the end of the summer term in Years 12 and10. The reasons behind creating the opportunity are:

    • To gain an insight into the world of work
    • To work alongside adults as part of a team
    • To gain and practice employability skills
    • To develop independence, confidence and self esteem
    • To begin to understand the links between the school curriculum and the work place
    • To increase motivation to continue their study
    • To explore career options

    Please use the forms below to apply for a placement.


    "St Bernard’s has provided me with many opportunities which I will always be grateful for. The ethos of the school brings about a welcoming and comforting environment with both students and teachers playing their own roles. St Bernard’s is definitely a community I’m proud to be apart".

    — Emma (Deputy Head Student, Year 13)