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  • Outside the Classroom


    Education has evolved far beyond the stereotype picture of organised rows of desks with a teacher at the front of the classroom and ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ is one of those key phrases that can be used to explain many of the activities that the school undertakes.

    The school has a commitment to provide and develop learning outside the classroom experiences for all pupils. This takes many forms -  the traditional school trip, the engagement in local authority initiatives, collaborative learning, the use of spaces throughout the school, use of new technologies. It permeates the way in which staff look to receive training and the way in which new staff are inducted. This commitment can be seen in classroom practice, local and international visits, the art exhibitions, school events, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Year 11 leadership day and its outcomes are demonstrated by an engaged and enthused student population.


    "St Bernard’s has been a very good support to me; the teachers have been extremely helpful and kind towards me".

    — Jessica, Year 7