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    Welcome Message

    As the headteacher of St. Bernard’s High School, I am delighted to welcome you to our website and thank you for showing interest in our school.

    St Bernard’s High School has a wonderful history of providing an excellent Catholic education to young people in Southend and its surrounding areas. We are a highly successful bilateral girls’ school with a thriving mixed sixth form. Whilst our school was founded by the Bernardine Sisters, there has been an educational provision on our site since 1875. In 1910, the sisters formally took over the site, the beginning of the school that we currently have today.

    High expectations and educational standards alongside all-encompassing pastoral care make St Bernard’s more than a school – we are a family! We recognise and seek to further develop, deepen and nurture the individual talents, abilities and possibilities of all the students that we serve. We prioritise getting to know our students (and families) as we understand our role in helping and guiding them towards their chosen paths enabling them to have professionally and personally fulfilling lives.

    In 2019 (there is no performance data for 2020 or 2021 due to Covid-19), Year 11 students at St Bernard’s achieved a Progress 8 figure of 0.89, the highest score in Southend.

    This score placed St Bernard’s in the top 100 schools in the country.

    Underpinning this excellent outcome: 84% of Year 11 students achieved a grade 4+ in English and mathematics, whilst 59% achieved a grade 5+ in the same subjects - all well above the national average.  At A Level, 56% of all grades were A*-B, with 84% of all A level grades at A*-C. These figures continue to demonstrate the strong attainment and progress of our students. Our internal data suggests that this trend in excellent achievement has continued.

    St Bernard’s is a very special place in which to learn and work. We fully understand the importance of providing our young people with a holistic Catholic education which cherishes the spiritual and supports the academic ability of all within our school community. We are committed to living our mission statement, “Love one another as I have loved you,” as we enjoy and celebrate the strong relationships which have built and sustained our diverse community.

    I hope that you find the information that you need on this website and can take a little time to get to know just a little about our whole school community and its distinctive nature.

    Warm regards

    Mrs A Moise-Dixon, Headteacher


    Vision and Values

    Computers teach content, Teachers teach values

    “You must not only teach content, but the values and customs of life. There are three things that you must pass on. A computer can teach content, but to understand how to love, to understand values and customs which create harmony in society, it takes a good teacher.” Pope Francis, ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS TO MEMBERS OF THE ITALIAN UNION OF CATHOLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS, MANAGERS, EDUCATORS AND TRAINERS, 2015

    Ours is a community where we continually work towards living out our Mission Statement, “Love one another as I have loved you,” in our school and in the parish communities to which we belong.  This aspiration is supported by our strong and effective pastoral system, underpinned by Gospel values, which provides a strong base for students' academic and personal development. We are fortunate to enjoy a close, positive relationship with our families who support us in achieving these aims. The result is a very special ethos, with a combination of faith, focus and fun, as staff and students share in learning at St Bernard’s together.

    We are ambitious for every young person who enters the doors of St Bernard’s. We aim to continue to drive the school towards outstanding so that our students fondly remember the broad, balanced, experiential education they received which prepared them for the demands of the 21st century both professionally and spiritually. Our challenging and relevant curriculum aims to provide our students with skills and knowledge that will sustain them long after they have left St Bernard’s. We believe that inspired by faith, a belief in the power of education and its ability to make a difference alongside a commitment to empowering our young people that our students will thrive!

    Our strategic aims are laid out in our school development plan which is overseen by our Trustees (governing body) who are responsible for holding to account the headteacher and senior leaders to see this vision fulfilled.

    St Bernard’s enjoys a committed and talented staff who share in this vision and know how vital it is for us to know the capabilities of all children and how we can best support them to meet and excel against challenging targets. Every child counts.


    Mission Statement

    St Bernard’s is a school community, which aims to live by Jesus’ commandment,

    “Love one another as I have loved you.”

    We are a Catholic learning community committed to the ongoing development of the entire potential of every person, achieved through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

    We care for each other as individuals of equal worth, regardless of status, sex, race or religion and thus actively seek to promote safeguarding, justice and fairness.

    We provide an atmosphere in which all can grow in our Faith, and encourage this faith by a lively relevant liturgy.

    We work with parents, parishes, local communities and industry to prepare our students for the opportunities of adulthood.


    "St Bernard's has a great sixth form. The staff are really helpful, providing the students with information about various opportunities that can help us throughout our years here. The staff and the students are welcoming and make the transition to year 12 really easy. I couldn't imagine being at any other sixth form".

    — Year 12 Student