Should either provide opportunity for extended practice (Type A) or develop a student’s capacity for independent thinking (Type B).

Type A homework should be the main staple.

  • Type  A  homework  includes, revision  activities,  routine  questions,  knowledge retrieval tasks, spelling practice etc.
  • Type B homework includes research, open-ended projects, creative product-making etc.

The homework will be accessible for all and screen-based homework should be limited.

Students should be given a time limit to accommodate students working at different paces.

Homework is valued by both the students and teacher. In order to show that homework is valued, on the date it is due in it should be marked in class or collected in by the teacher.

All homework will be set on Teams to ensure instructions and success criteria are clear.

  • Year 12 and 13 should be given directed reading to complete prior to the lesson on the topic where appropriate