• Mrs S Jackson – Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form
  • Ms A Jarboui – Sixth Form Study Supervisor
  • Mrs L Phillips – Careers Co-ordinator
  • Mrs K Wells – Pastoral Manager

Our careers provision enhances our St Bernard’s High School students’ knowledge and understanding of the world of work, their employability skills, widen their horizons, challenge stereotypes surrounding certain careers. Our approach raises aspirations and improve their readiness for post-18 pathways. We are currently developing a new careers strategy that continues our work with the network we have built and partnerships we have created to date.

At St Bernard’s High School, we have a dedicated team of staff who have experience and success in supporting and mentoring our students who apply to Russell Group universities, Oxbridge and employers in the City of London. We employ a Sixth Form Study Supervisor, Careers Co-ordinator and Pastoral Manager who collaborate with teaching staff to ensure that every student has the experiences and opportunities to receive personalised support; academic, CEIAG and pastoral.

In Year 12 and 13, students continue to have access to their online careers platform which enables them to look at what their future options are and gives them access to several resources and activities to develop their post-18 pathways. They also continue to cover CEIAG themes in PSHE, across all subjects and are encouraged to become active members of their community and get involved with the extra-curricular clubs and activities that we offer.

St Bernard’s High School understands that work experience is central in providing young people with invaluable insights into the world of work, helping them to develop important employability skills and make informed choices about their future. Our sixth form encourages a very hands-on approach and ensure that all students take part in work experience by embedding it into the school year. Each student is also given individual and collective support with their UCAS applications and apprenticeship or employment applications. Furthermore, the school also has drop-down day events to facilitate CEIAG experiences and opportunities. For example, each year we ask students to participate in workshops delivered by internal and external providers relating to their UCAS applications, online careers platform and apprenticeship recruitment sessions/days. We also ask that students attend university open days, taster seminars/days, subject masterclasses, lectures and summer schools.

In addition to this, the students benefit from a range of events organised by the school. For example, external guest speakers deliver talks in several subjects and industries. We also believe a focus on super-curricular activities is not only key to expanding a student’s horizons but important in developing their academic ability. Students are encouraged and supported to apply for university developed programs such as King’s College London’s K+ Programme, University of Reading’s Reading Scholars, Newcastle University’s PARTNER Programme, Sutton Trust and the Social Mobility Foundation. These programs are designed to introduce students to undergraduate study, develop subject knowledge and writing skills. Participation is not only favoured by universities and apprenticeship providers due to the knowledge and skills acquired but can also result in lower entry offers to Russell Group Universities.

If you are interested in working and engaging with our students, please contact Mrs L Phillips.