Liturgy Leaders

Students who apply for and get accepted as Liturgy Leaders play a significant role at St Bernard’s High School, since they participate actively in both the Liturgical and other events in the school.  As a Catholic School, Liturgical celebrations involve Masses, and other gatherings in The Church’s Liturgical Year.  The students in Year 13 have an added responsibility as they are also House Captains who lead their Houses in one House Assembly per term, and are role models in these and other events for the younger students. Senior Liturgy Leaders, together with the Head Student Team, are often called upon to represent the school at Open Houses and other occasions. 

Each Form in school also has a Liturgy lead.  This student is required to organise their Forms, and assist the school’s Lay Chaplain for the Form Masses.  They are often members of the Reading and Altar Serving Ministries and play a prominent role in whole-school Masses.