Views from our Students

Shiloh Vino – Head Student 2023-24

As a student at St Bernard’s, I really appreciate how the school provides a wide variety of courses and opportunities for students from all backgrounds to explore their different interests and passions, whether it’s sports, music, drama, or anything in between. I’ve had high expectations for my future since joining St. Bernard’s, and I’m proud to say that I’ve already achieved many of my goals. I’m incredibly grateful for my experience as a student who has been part of this school since Year 7, and now as a sixth former and head student. The staff have an amazing relationship with students, which makes the school community feel like a family. The support given to students in sixth form is second to none, and it has helped me, and many others succeed in our studies. Additionally, the school provides helpful careers guidance to students, which can be incredibly valuable as they help to identify my strengths and potential career paths. I’m so glad to have been part of such a unique school and community.


Aaliyah Damo – Deputy Head Student 2023-24

St Bernard’s is more than a school: it is a family. Being a student at St Bernard’s since year 7 and now being a sixth former, is an experience like no other. Our Sixth form offers a variety of subjects which caters a lot of interests. The Subject Teachers are always there to understand and support you wherever you are in your learning. There is an excellent pastoral team which is also available for any extra support. Being a Sixth former here allows you to grow individually and improve your confidence as independent learning is highly encouraged. Despite the great quality of education, as a student, I feel like I am part of a family. Everyone in this sixth form is great friends with one another and our common room is always full of laughter and fun. This makes people come to school not only for the purpose of learning but also to meet and socialise with people. You can even make relationships with other students beyond the sixth form by sharing your passions through the opportunity to start a lunch time club. Truly this school is a lot different from others.

Megan Humpage – Deputy Head Student 2023-24

In the sixth form, St Bernard’s offers many opportunities to further yourself as a person as well as provides extracurricular activities too. These different opportunities help you to learn skills that are transferable to later life as well as skills that help you succeed academically.

Choosing where to go post-16 can be difficult, but the st Bernard’s community is always supportive and ready to help you in times of need which is why for me I knew that choosing to stay on for my post-16 education was the right thing to do.

I am proud to be on the head student team as being a member of the school since year seven I now have the opportunity to give back to the school which has given me so much. Being at the school for this long has allowed me to grow in my academics but also as a person and I know that being a member of the school community has made me who I am today.