School Meals/Catering

At St Bernard’s we have three service times, Breakfast where students can pick up a light breakfast of toast, waffles, fruit, and yogurt.

Break is all about grab and go snacks, and Lunch of which we have a three-week menu cycle.

The first two terms are based with the colder weather in mind, so have more hot food. In the third term, when the weather is warmer, we remove items, add grab and go food so the students can spend more time outside.

We update the menus from time to time removing less popular items and try to adapt food fashions.

We have several service points that are open for break and lunch to enable the students to get their meal quickly and enjoy their breaktime.

We also have a Salad bar where students can help themselves to salad items, and Friday is meat free in accordance with the Catholic tradition.

We aim to have two theme days each year, along with our extremely popular Christmas Dinner that is thoroughly enjoyed by Students and Staff.

The Catering team are always aware of dietary needs and Allergens. So, if a student has any needs or worries, they are very welcome to come and chat to us, and we will do all we can to accommodate their needs.