Intent, Implementation, and Impact in PSHE

Our approach to supporting pupils’ and delivering a well-planned PSHE curriculum, is informed by and is threaded through the school’s Christian vision and Mission Statement.

“Love one another. As I have loved you.” John 3:34

Intent: To deliver a challenging, thoughtful, creative, well-planned PSHE curriculum that openly teaches skills and knowledge in a spiral learning sequence that delivers students’ progress across all key stages. Our PSHE programme will ensure wider development of our students. The RSE Curriculum must be presented within a positive framework of Christian virtue. Rooted in the Catholic Church’s teaching about what it means to live well in relationships with others, emphasising the importance of healthy relationships.

· It will be progressive & developmental and planned to meet our pupils’ needs.

· Evidence is gathered through student surveys and focus groups, so we know what these needs are.

Implementation: To provide a breadth and depth of study that allows students to have a wide and varied knowledge base that enriches their life experience empowering them in their choices for higher education, employability, and global citizenship. A well taught, assessed and enriched curriculum will underpin this approach.

· The PSHE provision is built on by establishing a balanced curriculum based on the five strands of the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda and RSE. (Staying safe, being healthy, personal and social development, positive contribution and well-being)

· Resources will offer a diverse programme, powered by Christian faith.

· Effective delivery by teachers who feel confident and knowledgeable to teach PSHE education.

· Learning will be assessed and progress and understanding measured through baseline assessment, Teams quizzes and mid-year reviews. Assessment information will feedback into teaching and learning.

· High expectations will be evidenced through attitudes to learning, presentation of work, how students treat others, respect, and confidentiality.

· Cross-curricular - committed to the education of the whole person, teaching on relationships and sexuality needs to be reflected in each relevant part of the curriculum.

· PSHE will offer enrichment opportunities - External agencies, drop down days/sessions such as a wellbeing day, reward days, sport, arts, music, charity work and community partnerships.

Impact: As a result of the curriculum, students will be prepared for life now and for their next steps. PSHE will ensure, that as students’ progress through each key stage, they increase in confidence, knowledge, and skills.

· Evidenced through their classroom interactions, books, assessments, participation in the life of the wider school and outcomes.

· Students understand what constitutes, staying safe, to recognise risk and are aware of the support available to them.

· Students will recognise healthy relationship both online and offline, criminal, and sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, FGM, forced marriage, substance misuse, gang activity, radicalisation and extremism. Along with knowing the fundamental British values and the protected characteristics.